My story John El Esquizofrenico SONY BMG group Calle 13



My scope was to get as the music group wrote a song with my name at that point in the chain of events, the affinity with the group was mixed with my feeling towards it as a sector of the listeners street 13 basically felt alluded and others outright came to offend, in which the evil human being will never fall. On the other hand I came out in a newspaper which is a great scope but really another alevreste of strange things had already happened to me which still does not appear at all in this blog

Here the video of the newspaper El Heraldo 2012 concert was taken at the Estadio Romelio Martinez in remodeling at the moment:

If you want to contact me to go to events related to computers, electronics or the internet, to travel, or if you simply want to meet me, especially about television, music, radio or big events on the Internet. Residence in Barranquilla-Colombia.
My dream is to work in the middle of music; at least travel with this achievement or scope of having come out in a song from the Resident and Visitor group; idea that I also transmit to them some time ago to produce through it.
Any request, or if you want to know me, contact

For expos and opportunities.
Phone: 573045585174
Barranquilla, Colombia
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I must rethink the whole blog John Alejandro and Pablo Escobar. The reggeton had a boom in my country more or less than the year 2002 2003. I could also talk about strange things related to the subject and the depression or schizophrenia of John The Schizophrenic Street 13.

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